Take what you love, fuse it with tech, build something the world has never seen.

Camp is a place for creation, exploration, and imagination. At Bitcamp, you’ll have 36 hours to combine your curiosities and wild ideas with code and gadgets to make something awesome. Throw in world-class mentors and hundreds of peers from around the world, and you’re in for an amazing time. See you by the bonfire!


Individuals over 18 years of age.


Your submission must combine one of your personal interests with technology. The rest is left as an excercise to the hacker.

Hackathon Sponsors


$8,230 in prizes

Best Hack Built Using the SocialRadar API

As judged by VP John Fontaine.

One prize given to each member of the team (up to four).


Best Hack Built With Microsoft Products (3)

Free trip to Redmond, WA headquarters to the winner of this challenge (to take place in Fall or Winter of 2014 on a mutually agreed date).

Booz Allen Hamilton's Best Big Data Hack using D3

Sphero Robot Ball (game system for iOS and Android) for up to four team members!

Best use of the Rdio API

2-years Rdio Unlimited for each member of the winning team.

Best Project Built Using Twilio Voice or Messaging

USB-connector Nintendo 64 controllers for PC, one for every member of the winning team.

Daocloud's Most Impactful Mobile Health App

1 bag JAVAZEN plus $10 off coupon (per person).
Interviews for Developer Position at DaoCloud.
Advertisement of your hack in the DaoCloud mHealth app library.

The Best Hack Built With The SendGrid API

A Goal Zero Switch Eight Solar Charger + Mobile Battery Pack for each team member. Keep charged while on the go or camping.

Most creative use of the Clarabridge API

$200 AmEx Gift card to the winning team

BookHolder's Best App/Program Using Internet-Sourced Data

1 BTC (bitcoin) per team + Chance to intern with CEO

BookHolder's Coolest Use of Raspberry Pi or OpenWRT device

Free RPi or OpenWRT device for each team member + Chance to intern with CEO

BookHolder's Best Combo of Open Source Tech

Free RPi or OpenWRT device for each team member + Chance to intern with the CEO

OPIS's Best Gamification of Lifestyle or Productivity Data

$500 for the winning team

Best Hack Using an Oculus Rift

up to 4 DKHDs - 1 for each member of the winning team

Best App Built using Mashery API Network

4 Evolution of Video Game Controllers + $200 Amazon Gift Cards

Best Hack using the Kloudless API

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter

$1000 Kloudless API credit for all new accounts created on https://developers.kloudless.com

Marketing your hack to our partners and in our app gallery.

We're also giving away an additional AR Drone! You don't even need to use our API. All you have to do is help us decide what to built into our API next: http://bit.ly/1lGfWnI"

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Beth Blauer

Beth Blauer
Director, Socrata GovStat

Sharon Paley

Sharon Paley
Co-Founder, Hack Baltimore

Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg
Android Engineer / Twitter; Co-Founder / Startup Shell

Brooke Salkoff

Brooke Salkoff
Venture Partner, Disruption Corporation and Crystal Tech Fund

Nathan Smoot

Nathan Smoot
CTO, iStrategyLabs

Omar Balkissoon

Omar Balkissoon
Co-Founder and CEO, OGSystems

Judging Criteria

    Take what you love, fuse it with tech, build something the world has never seen.

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